China’s Heard Enough About “Western Values”, Bans Them from Classrooms

Charles Liu , February 3, 2015 9:05am

Western ideas, long seen as a threat to China’s Communist Party, will have even less room to circulate following an announcement by the Ministry of Education’s Yuan Guiren, who said the Western system of values can absolutely not be taught to Chinese students by teachers or through teaching materials.

Yuan made the comments at a teaching conference on January 29 where he emphasized that Chinese teachers must abide by the triple combination of government guidelines, legal guidelines, and moral guidelines.

Yuan said that from now on, attacks and slander against party officials is prohibited, as is discrediting socialism in university classrooms. As well, any kind of expression or argument in a university classroom that is a violation of China’s constitution or laws will not be tolerated.

But that’s not all. University professors are strictly ordered not to whine, be grouchy, vent their grievances, or pass on any type of disagreeable moods to their students.

Photo: sdclyz

Charles Liu

The Nanfang's Senior Editor