Fully-Grown Adult Takes a Poo on a Moving Subway Train in Shanghai

Number 2 on Line 2

[This post contains disturbing and disgusting content that may offend some readers]

The floor of a Shanghai subway car on Metro Line 2 was more than satisfactory for one man who made a very public display of doing his business.

An unidentified man wearing a blue shirt and red armband, a uniform associated with a security guard, was seen making himself at home on the subway, defecating onto a strategically placed newspaper.

As photos uploaded to the internet show, after he was done, the man turned his back to a carriage packed full of commuters and waived his buttocks high in the air, as if to attract more attention.

As NetEase pointed out, every station along Shanghai Metro Line 2 is equipped with a public bathroom, and all stations are located between two and three minutes away from each other.

Social quickly condemned the man’s poor show of manners. One person said, “Couldn’t you have waited until the next station, exited, and used the bathroom there?” Another tried to apply reason to the situation, “If it was diarrhea, then it would be more dignified to do it in your pants where it could be concealed better. Then, when the doors are open, you could rush out and no one could see your face clearly.”

Where other subway commuters might have hurriedly left the subway, Shanghai commuters showed their mettle by refusing to give up their seats out of indifference or apathy.

But as we look back on 2016, we see that subway commuters around China put up with instances of public defecation with regular aplomb.

Last month a child pooped on the Changha Metro Line 2:

In April, commuters sat in close proximity to the gift left by another child on the Beijing Metro Line 1, near Sihui Station:

In February, an eight year-old boy heeded the call on the Guangzhou Metro with both his parents present:

And in January, the newly opened Nanchang Metro Line 1 was christened with this public defecation:

Instances of public defecation on the subway have been rife in the PRD. They include: on the platform, in an elevator, and in a trash can.

Charles Liu

The Nanfang's Senior Editor